JSC “InFinBank" - carries out credit operations on a contractual basis with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs without forming a legal entity to finance their business activities.

Loans are provided to financially sustainable business entities on the basis of repayment, payment, urgency, intended use and security.

The maximum loan term provided by InFinBank for financing working capital and acquiring fixed assets is 18 months.

Loans are provided in national and foreign currency:
  • The interest rate on loans in national currency is from 22.99% per annum;
  • The interest rate on loans in foreign currency is from 7.99% per annum.

Loans can be provided in the form of a credit line on a renewable and non-renewable basis, depending on the specifics of the event being credited and economic feasibility.

Loans must be secured. The loan security must be at least 125% of the amount.


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