Infin Green

Infin Green

Infin Green

Loan product name:


Loan form:

without opening a credit line (one-time issuance/selection in tranches)

Loan method:

Non-cash transfer of funds to the current accounts of suppliers from the client's loan account in accordance with the provided sales contracts.

Purpose of the loan:

Financing projects related to energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Credit source:

Bank's own funds.

Loan currency:

The national currency of the Republic of Uzbekistan is sum.

Credit term:

up to 60 months

Grace period for paying the principal debt:

up to 6 months

Interest rate:

21% per annum.

Minimum loan amount:

not installed

Maximum loan amount:

up to 1 billion soums

Loan repayment:

monthly, annuity or differentiated payments

Acceptable types of collateral:

  • pledge of funds in the form of freely convertible and national currencies held on accounts opened with JSCB “InFinBank”;

  • guarantees of banks and insurance companies;

  • pledge of movable/immovable property;

  • pledge of property rights (claims);

  • pledge of government securities, securities of the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan, pledge of other securities not prohibited by the current legislation, and shares in authorized funds;

  • guarantees of third parties with proven solvency and financial reliability of the guarantor;

  • insurance policies of financially stable insurance companies;

  • other types of collateral not prohibited by applicable law.

Security percentage:

At least 125% of the loan amount.

Mandatory requirements for Borrowers:

  • business entities registered in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

  • availability of a demand deposit account (primary or secondary) with JSCB “InFinBank”;

  • no negative credit history of the Borrower/Co-Borrower/Guarantor;

  • sufficiency of current cash flows of the Borrower/Co-borrower/Guarantor for timely servicing of the loan;

  • The Borrower/Co-Borrower/Guarantor has a liquid balance and the activity is not unprofitable;

  • Availability of appropriate permits and licenses for the activities carried out, if the Borrower's activities are subject to licensing.

  • other requirements for a potential Borrower/Co-borrower/Guarantor, collateral and conditions for obtaining a loan are governed by the Bank's Credit Policy and other local regulations of the Bank.

The procedure for opening funding:

Financing is opened after the provision of collateral to the Bank, executed in the prescribed manner and insurance of the collateral object.

List of documents provided by the borrower:

  • Loan application with a description of all terms of lending and collateral for the loan;

  • Table of planned energy savings (efficiency) for the project (a brief analysis of the cost of energy consumption before and after the implementation of the project, in physical and soum terms);

  • Certificate of state registration of the Borrower;

  • A copy of the charter and constituent documents of the enterprise with all changes;

  • A copy of documents confirming the right of a person to sign a loan agreement on behalf of the borrower if the person is the representative of the borrower, sample signatures.

  • Financial statements in the form of a balance sheet and income statement as of the first day of the current month;

  • Decision of the authorized body of the Borrower/Co-borrower to raise the required loan amount on the appropriate terms and provision of loan security;

  • If there are accounts in other banks, certificates from servicing banks on the absence/presence of debts from the borrower under file cabinet No. 2, loans, leasing, letters of credit, as well as information on turnover for the last 12 months in the form of a letter from the servicing bank and transcript in electronic form;

  • Contracts to be paid under the requested loan;

  • Documents on the provided collateral, in accordance with the “Procedure for accepting and evaluating the subject of collateral for lending operations carried out by corporate lending divisions of JSCB “InFinBank”.

The conditions for granting a loan within the framework of this product at the expense of attracted funds are established based on the conditions of the attracted lines.


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