Plastic cards

Plastic cards

  • Date of information update: 02.02.2020
    Uzcard plastic cards

    Plastic card is the most convenient means of payment today. Having a plastic card, you always have money with you, without risking losing it due to loss or theft.

  • Date of information update: 02.02.2020
    International VISA plastic cards

    This card is accepted for payment at almost all points where there is a Visa logo. It can be used in both electronic and mechanical payment terminals.

  • Date of information update: 02.02.2020
    UnionPay Classic plastic cards

    Today, UnionPay cards are accepted in 156 countries of the world. The total number of outlets accepting UnionPay cards is 27 million.

  • Date of information update: 02.02.2020
    Humo plastic cards

    Contactless payment is more relevant than ever, popular, convenient, but most importantly - safe!

The most convenient payment instrument today.

You always have money with you without risk of loss or stealing.


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