Dedicated support line for legal entities

Dedicated support line for legal entities

Dedicated support line for legal entities

We are glad to inform you that InfinBANK has opened a dedicated line in the contact center for support and advice on various issues of legal entities, current and potential clients of the bank. Business support is available at (71) 202-50-80.

The 24-hour contact center has been working at InfinBANK for several years, and the Center's team answers customer calls, comments on social networks, a telegram bot, and also performs a wide range of tasks.

For a long time, the line was the same for individuals and legal entities, but we realized that legal entities need a different level of involvement and awareness from the operator.

Experienced bank specialists will be able to advise and assist on all issues related to settlement and cash services (making payments in national and foreign currencies, accepting applications for the purchase and sale of foreign currency, conversion operations and much more). At the moment, the number is available only during the bank's working hours, but in the very near future it will be switched to 24/7 operation.

Thank you for staying with us, because the Client is our main value!

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