Conducting general (mass) events

Conducting general (mass) events

  • Public Events that are going to be held

    –‘Saturday’ devoted to the Navruz celebrations is held and traditional dishes, including Sumalyak  are cooked each year in our society;
    – Saturday dedicated to the celebration of the Independence Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan is held;
    – In Saturdays, attached regions are landscaped, tree and flower seedlings are planted, inside of the building is cleaned and maintenance is carried out in may;
    - The  funds from the Saturday are devoted to the saving account of the Neighborhood Fund according to the recommendation of the Tashkent city administration;
    - Beside of this,
    - The Christmas tree is organized for workers` children;
    - Based on the of the decision of the governor of Tashkent, except from the days of holidays, the improvement  Saturdays are held twice a year; and the funds obtained from the Saturdays are dedicated to the saving account of the Neighborhood Fund.


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