Chairman of the Management Board of InfinBANK moves to a new position

Chairman of the Management Board of InfinBANK moves to a new position

Chairman of the Management Board of InfinBANK moves to a new position

InfinBank, an example of financial stability and innovation in Uzbekistan, announces a change of leadership, opening the next chapter in its history. Bobur Burkhanov, Chairman of the Management Board, takes up his new position. 

Bobur Burkhanov assumed the position of Chairman of the Management Board of InfinBANK in 2018. Back in 2019, he led the launch of online lending to individuals via the bank's mobile application. The introduction of this service demonstrated the progressiveness of the bank, as the online format of obtaining left behind the need for income certificates and guarantors to obtain a loan. And, most importantly, the whole process began to take only a couple of hours.

In the same year, InfinBANK issued corporate bonds, which was a significant milestone in the bank's efforts to consolidate its position in the domestic banking and stock markets. 

But the main event of 2019 that had a positive impact on the interaction of customers with the bank is the launch of the InfinBANK mobile application for individuals.

Today, the application has over 1.7 million users. 

In 2020, in honour of InfinBANK's thirteenth birthday, Bobur Burkhanov held a direct line where he answered questions from clients, employees and everyone. Notably, in addition to questions, there were also valuable suggestions, which the team led by Bobur Burkhanov took to work. One of the memorable questions: how do you see InfinBANK in five years? 

"I think that InfinBANK will be among the banks demonstrating the best service, providing omnichannel and digital services. I am sure that by continuing the joint work started three years ago, we will easily achieve this," replied Bobur Burkhanov. 

2022 was marked by the construction of its own card processing, which allowed InfinBANK to expand its line of banking products, conduct an independent card policy, establish direct partnerships with international payment systems Visa and Union Pay, as well as automate business processes for card issuance. 

Thanks to Bobur Burkhanov's leadership, modern technologies were introduced, attractive banking products were created for clients, and the bank was transformed into a fintech company. Bobur Burkhanov will continue his activities at InfinBANK in the area of fintech.

A glimpse into the future

As InfinBank embarks on a new journey, the bank remains committed to the values of innovation, customer service and community involvement. The change in leadership means not just a transition, but the continuation of a long legacy.

InfinBank is at the forefront of Uzbekistan's banking sector and is poised for new achievements.



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