Internet-Banking "InFinOnL@in-24"

Internet-Banking "InFinOnL@in-24"

Internet-Banking "InFinOnL@in-24"

JSC "InFinBank" introduces a new service system of internet banking "InFinOnL@in-24"

The new system adds new features:

  • Added field to payments to the budget and the treasury to indicate the spending unit of account, as well as search and selection of accounts from the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan directory;
  • Multi-languages system - Uzbek, Russian and English languages;
  • Password recovery via SMS or E-mail letters;
  • Activation and deactivation of "E-mail Informer" service;
  • Activation and deactivation of "SMS informer" service;
  • The introduction of payment orders with the value date (allowing you to enter the payment order with a future payment date, upon the occurrence of which, the system will automatically send a payment);
  • Independent removal of documents up to the state "Enter";
  • Print and save documents in popular formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, RTF and HTML;
  • Ability to send payroll records;
  • The updated interface;
  • Improved data filtering system.
Link to enter the new system here.

For more information about additional features of the new system can be here.

Contact the Information Technology Division of the Head Office and branches of JSC "InFinBank" to connect to a new Internet banking system "InFinOnL@in-24"


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